Carli Bybel Palette

Carli Bybel Palette

OMG guys, it’s been a while again since my last post and I am terribly sorry, but my university literally consumed me. For the whole month I had to do 8 projects and I am still not done which is so worried because the time flies so fast. Anyways, I thought I’ll write some stuff in here just to let you know I am alive and still here! Continue reading


New Year’s Eve Dresses

New Year Eve 2015/2016 Dresses

New Year is coming soon! Who’s excited? I have to admit I usually don’t like it because then I think about all those beautiful dresses and that last year I promised myself, that for the next New Year’s Eve I’ll be fit and sexy, so I can wear some nice dress… But – yeah. Not this time. Who knows? Maybe next year 🙂 But I prepared some really Continue reading

Christmas in London

Christmas in LondonHi guys,

I’mstill here but I’ve been so busy with my university, internship and work that I hadn’t got time to write anything in here. I am still kinda busy with all of that but I decided to let you know that I am not gone yet. Continue reading

Irresistibly Charming Lip Gloss in Nude


I remember when I was a teenager (I kinda still am) and I loved all the lip glosses. I was buying them all the time and my mum was so mad at me. Then I grew up a bit and started buying lipsticks – which I love! But then Continue reading

#3 Photo Diary Copenhagen


And finally time for the last but not least – photo diary from my workshop in Copenhagen! Once again it was a great opportunity and if you would have ever chance to take part in any workshops – do it.

Anyways I feel like recently I’m a bit lost but trust me, so many things are going on in the same time that I just barely handle to do them. Work, uni and internship. And as you know I’m studying Continue reading